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Nomadic Tribe is a respectful and safe community for like-minded travelers. Explore. Connect. And book life-changing journeys that let you encounter authentic indigenous cultures.

Join our global travel community where you have the chance to create and share amazing stories, discover inspiring material and make wonderful new friends, all while giving back to hundreds of incredible indigenous communities around the world.

You’ll follow the adventures of others, share experiences and make life-long friends. Discover stunning documentaries and the most insightful travel articles. And become a better traveler with top tips and best practices and learn how you can help protect our world.

We only ask you to travel responsibly, being respectful of the people you visit and their customs. Diversity makes us unique and by helping to maintain it, you enrich yourself and help uphold a more plural world.

Why travel with Nomadic Tribe?

  • You’ll experience unforgettable moments and forge extraordinary bonds.
  • You’ll discover a world you could never have imagined, opening your mind.
  • You’ll be contributing to the quality of life and preservation of local communities.
  • You’ll help to stabilize environmental and commercial needs.
  • You’ll encourage more humane and equitable relationships between people.

Making our world a better place

Nomadic Tribe is committed to preserving local communities, creating a positive link between the environment, the economy and the culture. We acknowledge and subscribe to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

From day one, Nomadic Tribe is giving back. We’re in the process of setting up an NGO to focus our efforts but in the meantime, we’re working with organisations all over the world to protect and preserve indigenous culture.


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