The Fulani community is a crucial nomadic ethnic group in the African continent, and it is safe to say that every each of them has its particularities and traditions. You might have already read the famous “Pulaaku”, or code of behaviour of the Fulani; however, you might find yourself a little confused. As important as the British Royal Etiquette, it is better to prepare before arriving at your host community to avoid any misunderstanding or embarrassing moments! In this article, we will dis

The Art of Layering Some people prefer spending their adventures in the warmth of the Caribbean, or trekking in the humid forests of South East Asia, however, some peoples' compasses might head north, exceptionally north. Instead of tropical mellow golden sunsets, they prefer the Land of the Midnight Sun, where the Sami Tribe in Norway lives, or they might prefer being captured by the mystical Northern Lights of the Aurora Borealis, while visiting the Komi in Sweden. Packing a couple of bikinis

Have you ever heard about the Newar people? They are the original inhabitants of Kathmandu valley in Nepal and the creators of the historic heritage and civilization of this beautiful region. Let’s discover together where they live, what they eat and some curiosities about their traditional habits. You will, for sure, consider the idea of visiting them and experience a life-changing journey! Newars and their wonderful habitat The Newari are a mixed ethnic minority of Tibetans and Indians who,

If you have thought about traveling to Borneo to meet the tribes that live there, you are lucky! because in Nomadic Tribe you will find different experiences to visit them in very different ways such as trekking, cycling, boat and others. Therefore, you will surely like to read some remarkable facts about the amazing cultures that inhabit this region before you travel. The greatest Asia’s rainforest is located in Borneo. Its landscape mixes with many other habitats such as mangroves, peat swa

Tourism has only recently begun to be more established in Kyrgyzstan, a relatively unknown country that can offer a lot in terms of culture, landscapes and events. Let's find out some of the main attractions and curiosity about Kyrgyz people together! If you are a curious traveller who wants to get off the most touristic sites, we suggest you start looking at flights! Culture and Events Yurts Many Kyrgyz people live a semi-nomadic way of life; they live in small towns and villages during winter

For many reasons, the Nenets are one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. Perhaps the most striking thing being their ability to adapt their lives to the most challenging climate in the Northern Hemisphere, and a mutual dependence between communities and their reindeer. Much has been written about them, but very few people have had the opportunity to visit, and having lived with one of the Nenet families during the winter period, the Nomadic Tribe team uncovered 17 curious facts that y

Spread across Kenya and Tanzania, the Maasai community is arguably the most famous and well-known tribe in East Africa. They have traditionally lived as semi-nomadic pastoralists around the Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks on both sides of the border. For decades, foreigners have visited Maasai villages as part of safari packages and the tribe has perhaps one of the longest running relationships with the tourism industry. This relationship has been beneficial for the Maasai, but also cont

Traveling teaches us to appreciate the world and its wonderful variety, but it can also be very polluting. We all must reduce our footprint and take better care of the planet to ensure that we do not cause irreparable damage to the only home we have. Furthermore, visiting an indigenous community means an additional risk to their environment, and therefore we must avoid at all costs endangering it to ensure the survival of the tribes. The next time you plan a trip, we suggest you put our tips for

As the popularity of indigenous tourism and the desire to learn about the “true” way of life of the natives increases throughout the world, we have to be more aware of how to make a positive impact on the communities we visit. Living with an indigenous tribe can be among the most life-changing experiences a traveler can have but you must avoid at all costs that your contact with the host communities supposes the vanishing of the authenticity that you seek so much. For this reason and to main

Proverbs are the compendium of human wisdom, a form of oral literature through which the diverse cultures of the world manage to express their experiential existences in short and vibrant sayings. These spread from generation to generation, transcending peoples and languages. The immense intelligence and knowledge of indigenous tribes is reflected in their proverbs, showing us their relationship with the natural, social and spiritual environment, and teaching us their ways of life and values. D

The one who starts to travel, becomes a tripadic, something like being a drug addict, only that in this case what can hardly be renounced is to travel, always wanting to do it more frequently and to farther and farther destinations. And those places that I had previously seen unreachable begin to see them closer, more feasible, more likely and the world is getting smaller. If you are addicted to traveling, or you make parts of the "Knowmads, the workers of the future" … You will probably feel

Protecting the Himba people of Namibia is a must. We ought to work out ways to preserve the Himba culture and helping it thrive again. Traveling abroad to meet different cultures is definitely one of the main aspects of international tourism. However, before including the visit to isolated tribes such as the Himba people to your itinerary, it’s important to ask yourselves how you can travel responsibly to meet them without jeopardizing their habits, traditions and cultural heritage in general.

Visiting a Berber village in Morocco is a must and whether you just go for a short time or, like I did, spend 5 full days hiking through the Atlas Mountains, you're bound to have an incredible time. The good news is going to the Atlas Mountains to visit the Berber tribes in Morocco is very easy. Amizmiz, one of the largest towns at the base of the Atlas, is just one hour drive and from there you can quickly get to the smaller villages. However, there are some few important things you should know

Traveling to Patagonia is many a dream, including mine. To be fair, it is such a spectacular place that even after having been there 3 times already, I hardly feel like my dream came true and I feel compelled to visit and again. This easily qualifies as one of my favorite places on earth. Patagonia is huge, very diverse and simply breathtaking. But traveling around Patagonia is easier said than done: the weather is unpredictable; the infrastructure often lacking, and the prices higher than a bac